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Owner/Coach Mimi

Sherril Overton (a.k.a. "Mimi") is co-owner and Executive Director of East Coast Xtreme. A lifelong resident of the Hampton Roads area, she started dancing at the age of 8. At 16, she began working in the dance studio as a dance instructor assistant. Mimi continued as an instructor and performer for 40+ years. Her dance training and experience includes ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and ballroom. She really enjoys training young dancers and athletes.

Teaching them, and then focusing on the basics leads to proper technique, which is key to progression of more advanced skills. Mimi's coaching philosophy is based on building self-esteem and self-confidence in our athletes. To do that, an athlete must feel “safe.” Safe in knowing that she will do everything she can to prevent accidents and injury, but also safe in knowing that they can step out of their comfort zone. Mimi wants them to know that the gym is where they learn, make mistakes without ridicule, and fine tune their skills.

As our gym has grown, she has taken on a more administrative role but still sits in on practices and offers suggestions to improve technique. It is important to her that she gets to know each and every athlete and their families.


Coach Leigh-Ann Wynn

As co-owner and Head Coach of East Coast Xtreme Cheer, Leigh-Ann is living her dream. She grew up in the Hampton Roads area, and her cheer experience began with a recreation cheer squad at Atlantic Shores Christian School. She originally started as a dancer at the age of 3, and graduated with 15 years of experience in ballet, tap, jazz and lyrical dance. As she grew, she participated in team sports such as volleyball and softball, all the while continuing to dance. At age 12, she made the Jr. JV Cheer Squad at Atlantic Shores. She went on to cheer on the junior varsity and varsity teams. Although, at the time, Atlantic Shores was a new school, the cheer team quickly became the team to beat (and still enjoys that title to this day under the direction of Joy Bryant, Coach Leigh-Ann’s high school coach). As one would expect, Coach Leigh-Ann was a FEARLESS flyer. 

Her dance training paid off as she was awarded the designation of All American and was selected by both the dance team and the cheer team to perform in the half-time show at what was then called the Hula Bowl in Hawaii. She went on to receive two more NCA All American designations. After graduation, Coach Leigh-Ann modeled herself after her high school coach and returned to ASCS to coach the junior varsity team for two years. 

Several years later when her own daughter Savanah began cheering with a local All-Star program, Coach Leigh-Ann was asked to help coach the team. The team had never won a competition, and they were anxious as they warmed up to compete. Hence, the “checkmark behind the ear” came to be. The team won first place that day. Shortly afterwards, the program closed and Savanah was devastated. In less than two months, East Coast Xtreme opened its doors with 1 team, 8 athletes, 2 coaches and in rented space in a gymnastic gym (Hurricane Gymnastics). 

Coach Leigh-Ann’s coaching style is one of encouragement, positive re-enforcement and a sincere belief in whatever an athlete sets their mind to they can achieve. She and her team of “XCEPTIONAL” coaches have set out a plan for the 2019-2020 competitive season and she is very “XCITED” about what is to come!


Coach Kala Carter

Kala Carter began tumbling at age 3 in Ft. Myers, Florida.  By age 5 she began competitive tumbling with TJ's Twisters in Greenup, Kentucky.  Between ages 5-18 Kala was state and nationally ranked in all levels of power tumbling. She also was a member of the local dance company, River Cities Dance Company. She has competed in national competitions from San Antonio, TX to Myrtle Beach achieving top placements individually and with her teams.

She began instructing in her gym at age 15, starting full time while attending college. Her path to coaching competitive high school cheerleaders began in 2004.  She was the head tumble instructor for Greenup County High School when they won a medium varsity title in 2005 and a large varsity national title in 2010 for UCA NHSCC in Orlando.

During these years, Kala created several contacts within the cheer world and became proficient with choreography, scoring, judging, tryouts and regional competitions in Kentucky. She was able to work with college level cheerleaders and head coaches of Allstar programs such as River Cities and Spirit Athletics.

She has been trained by Debbie Love (Georgia Allstars, Kentucky Elite and GymTyme) to break down the proper technique and incorporate the kinesiology aspect of tumbling to an athlete. Conditioning and body control are factors in creating a confident tumbler. Kala has adopted Debbie Love's approach to skill building. There is a natural progression within tumbling and some work harder and longer than others.

In 2010, Kala moved to Charleston, SC where she trained the Allstar and high school cheerleaders for ACX (American Cheer Xtreme) for one year. In 2011, she and her children moved to Carthage, Tennessee where she opened her own facility, The Tumble Factory. After two seasons, she established herself with over 170 students in and out of her classes each week. The local high school, Smith County began tumbling with her as a squad. She helped lead them to a 3rd place finish in Medium Varsity at Tennessee State High School competition in November 2012. The Tumble Factory is still a flourishing business in Tennessee.

After another military relocation brought her family to Chesapeake, Virginia she quickly began making her mark within ECX-- creating powerful, stable and technically perfect tumblers. This was accomplished with dedicated students, an open mind and the drive to reach within themselves to be the very best they can be. With Season X on the horizon she will be encouraging higher levels of performance from her fellow coaches and their athletes.


Tumble Coach Russell Ballweg

Coach "Rusty" has been grooming athletes for over 15 years!!  He is a home grown Tidewater man and takes loads of pride in watching these young people grow their skills, confidence and self-esteem.  Not only is he the resident East Coast Xtreme tumble guru he finds time to coach students from area schools all over Chesapeake and Virginia Beach.  He got his start as a young boy learning and competing in Acrosports and has never lost his love of tumble and cheer.  His happiest moments are when he sees the "light come on" and a kid just "gets it."  Suddenly, the skill they have worked so hard on becomes second nature.  We are so happy to have Russell coaching our ECX athletes in to Season X and beyond!  


Coach Kenzie

Kenzie is a Senior at Old Dominion University this year and we are so happy that even with her busy schedule she still has time to help coach our teams!  Her family moved here from Kentucky in 2015 and she followed shortly after to attend ODU!  It must have been fate because her little sister was cheering for ECX and Kenzie just happened along when a job opening became available!  She jumped at the chance to continue her cheer and coaching career with a gym that holds the same values she does-- positive reinforcement, and helping nurture confidence so that our athletes believe in themselves!  Kenzie has been with ECX the entire 4 years of attending ODU and is totally pumped for Season X!  Coaching with some of her best friends and watching the athletes grow is simply the best!  We're so blessed to have Kenzie!  


Coach Savanah Wynn

Born and raised in Chesapeake, Virginia, Savanah graduated from Grassfield High School. She was a member of the Grassfield Varsity Cheer Squad (2014, 2015, 2016 Virginia State Champions) and served as Captain for the 2017 – 2018 school year. 

She participated with the Grassfield summer cheer camps training young cheerleaders new to the sport. She helped raise $14,000 for Ronald McDonald House and CHKD by participating in the Annual Megan Curry Memorial Flip-a-Thon. She also attended the Blankets for Babies event every year to make blankets for the children at CHKD.

At ECX, Savanah cheered on the Jr1, Jr2, Jr3, Sr1, Sr2 and Sr3 teams. In season 2016 – 2017 her Sr2 and S3 teams won bids to the D2 Summit at Walt Disney World! She then went on to cheer for the Sr4 and Sr5 teams. Savanah is a great “all around” cheerleader. Her first love is flying, but she is a very strong base. Her philosophy is “Do what’s best for the team.”

Savanah is “xtremely” creative and assisted in developing the choreography for ECX and some of the local middle school teams. She enjoys working with a team as a whole, but truly loves working with flyers to master tight body positions and bases with grips and strength development. 
Savanah is passionate about her sport. She never gives up on a teammate, a stunt or a tumble pass and she NEVER quits. She is knowledgeable, skilled, confident and knows how to motivate her teammates.

After graduating from Grassfield, Savanah went on to garner an impressive scholarship to Davenport University where she is currently a student athlete cheering on their squad as a flyer, backspot and sidebase.  She has attended Morehead Stunt Clinic, Kentucky Stunt clinic and has worked and instructed at 7 stunt clinics hosted by Davenport.  Davenport University's team was the 2018-2019 Stunt National Champion and earned 2nd place at the NCA Daytona Nationals!  In addition to her busy cheer schedule, Savanah is pursuing a degree in Healthcare Administration.  Look for Savanah on school breaks and holidays!  


Assistant Coach Anna Ott

Now a Senior at Grassfield High School, Anna is a straight A student and an exuberant athlete!  She has has been cheering since the 2nd grade but started her sporting career at the age of 6 as a gymnast when she won first place in the state of Virginia for floor exercise!  She's always loved tumbling, and has always been a strong asset to any team she competes on. 

As a freshman, Anna was named "Rookie of the Year" for the 2016-17 Grassfield Cheer Squad when they won their 3rd consecutive title at VHSL State Championships. During her sophomore year she won the coveted "Best Sportsmanship" title and went on to win "Best Flyer" her Junior year. She was also named "All Region" and "All State" both sophomore and junior years and had the honor to lead her team as Captain her junior year!  Anna has cheered for East Coast Xtreme since Season 1 and is now a member of our World's Team!  She is a seasoned athlete and knows how to handle the rigors of competitive of All Star Cheer!  

In addition to all the time she spends earning top marks in school and excelling at her sport, Anna finds time to coach some of our local middle school squads as well.  She is currently in the process of scouting out her next steps for continuing her education at the Collegiate level and has aspirations of becoming an orthopedic surgeon one day.  


Jr Coach Grace

Grace has been with ECX for 9 years!! She is a sophomore at Grassfield High School and cheers on the Varsity Cheer squad as well as our own World's team here at ECX!  We love Grace's positive attitude and her ability to relate to all the kids she helps.  She seems to pick up a new tumble skill every week which of course enhances our score card when we compete at the World level!  Grace coaches the XPLOSION and XCELLENCE teams here at East Coast Xtreme. We are so happy to have Grace as one of our Jr. Coaches this year!  


Jr Coach Abbey

Abbey has been cheering for ECX since season 4!!  She is a sophomore at Grassfield High School and cheers for their Varsity Cheer team.  She has worked through every level and has done every stunt position possible garnering us a very valuable team player!  Abbey is our music DJ and can always be relied on to be where she says she will be!  She always remembers what we did at last practice and our XCEED and X-OUT teams are thrilled to have her as their JR Coach!  Abbey also competes on the East Coast Xtreme World's Team!  What an athlete!  We love Abbey.  


Jr Coach Macy

This is Macy's 6th season with ECX!  She is a sophomore at Grassfield High School and cheers for their Varsity Cheer team as well as our Level 6 World's team!   Macy has a unique way of bringing out the best in the kids she coaches!  They all want to be "just like Macy!"  She is proof that hard work pays off!  One of her specialties is helping our flyers with body control techniques which are critical to being a strong flyer.  She loves the opportunity to base the younger girls and help them achieve their personal goals. We are so excited to have Macy Jr Coaching our XTRA team for Season X!  


Jr Coach Katie

This is Katie's third season with ECX!  She is a junior at Isle of Wight Academy and is a member of their Varsity cheer team.  Katie came to East Coast Xtreme a strong cheerleader and has since learned new basing positions and has grown into one of the strongest back spots we have EVER had!  She has fun with the little kids and helps guide them in the right direction.  They all love and respect her so it is a great fit for her to be coaching XCEED and X-OUT for Season X.  Katie cheers for our Senior 4 and World's team this season!  LOOK OUT!!  


Sonya -Officer Manager

Sonya has been a part of ECX for 10 Years--since Season 1!.  She has worked tirelessly in our office for the past 5 years to keep things running smoothly and ever evolving to meet the demands of our growing gym.  She also graciously wears the important hat of Team Mom and has kept our girls organized for 6 seasons.  In her "spare" time Sonya also owns her own company.    She and her husband of 19 years -Jim,  both share in the joy of watching their two daughters cheer for their high school team as well as on the World's team here at ECX!   Thanks for all you do Sonya!  


Jessica -Office Crew

Jessica is our Office "MOM" Xtraordinaire!!  She and her daughter have been with ECX for 6 years and covered teams from Youth Prep all the way up to Senior 4!  Jessica is always willing to lend a hand to families old and new to make sure they are informed and up to date.  We call her Xtraordinaire because she somehow manages a family of 5 kids and gets here from North Carolina without fail --always on time and ready to go!  Thanks for your dedication to our gym, Jessica!  

Susie -Office Crew

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