Booster Club

Welcome to our BOOSTER CLUB page!  Here, you will find information about how to join, costs and benefits to you and your athlete, and activities the BOOSTER CLUB has planned!  

Why join the Booster Club?  To name a few benefits - for your $30 membership fee you will receive a FREE Competition Bow and TWO tickets to the End of Season Banquet dinner (one for your athlete, one for an adult).  This already pays dividends back to members! 

What are the requirements?  Pay the $30 annual athlete membership fee, attend at least one (1) meeting each year, and participate in at least one (1) fundraiser. We welcome any kind of assistance you are willing to give in order to make this a great season for our athletes, parents and ECX as a whole.

How do I join?  Fill out the participation agreement and membership application (links below), and turn them in with your membership fee to the Booster Club box in the gym lobby.  Membership fee and forms are required for each athlete, so multiple athletes in the same family require their own membership to receive individual benefits (e.g. bow, banquet tickets).



Kim Strother

(757) 675-0633


Denise Powers

(757) 335-1130


Eileen Duncan

(757) 362-2411


Nicole Hatchel

(859) 609-1468

Fundraising Coordinator

Kim Murden

(757) 284-5822


     2017-18 Booster Club Participation Agreement                    2017 Booster Club Bylaws

     2017-18 Application for Booster Club Membership              2017-18 Booster Club Budget


Egg Your Yard Fundraiser

   Let the Easter Bunny off the hook this year, and purchase an Egg Your Yard package! Our cheerleaders will hid 25, 50 or 100 candy-filled eggs in your front yard on March 31st (Easter Eve) and leave a note from the Easter Bunny to let your little hunters know how many eggs to find.

   Get all the details, including pricing and additional personalization options. Order deadline is March 28, 2018. Funds raised help offset travel and competition expenses for our teams attending The Summit national championship competition in Orlando in May 2018 --thank you, and Happy Easter!

Annual Fundraisers & Key Events


     Just link your current Amazon account to East Coast Xtreme Cheer Booster Club - ECXCBC - with the link below.  No extra charges or fees, just simply purchase as normal, and Amazon will make a charitable contribution to our non-profit organization!

Kroger Marketplace - Your grocery list can earn dividends for our athletes in the store's Community Rewards program. Simply link your Kroger Card by visiting to enroll (organization #80269), and they'll automatically forward a percentage of all your quarterly purchases to our Booster Club's general fund. It's that easy!


World's Finest Chocolate candy bars - Any of our athletes can help you get your chocolate fix for just $1.00 per delicious bar! All flavors are milk chocolate and also are available with caramel, crisp rice or chopped almonds mixed in. We sell the bars in both the fall and spring seasons.

Shop with Scrip - Tired of selling stuff? This fundraiser can save you time and money every single day without selling anything! Simply change the way you pay for daily expenses like groceries, dining out, gas and more to gift cards instead of using cash, checks or credit cards. The gift cards are issued by and accepted at more than 750 national retailers with a rebate returned to our gym every time you purchase! Get all the details at and use our enrollment code (6D27B9L353547) to start saving today.